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Joseph Munda is a digital and social media consultant based in Zimbabwe
Services we provide include:
• Staff training on digital story telling/video/ photography and audio for organizational social media, profiling, documentation and reporting
• Designing and producing T.V and radio programmes
• Media profiling of your organisation and increasing visibility
• Mobile reporting, video and picture story telling
• Communication strategy training
• Professional photography
• Event management
• Media and advocacy campaign strategies
• Understanding and networking with the media
• Staff training and capacity building on video filming and photography
• Use of mobile phones as a reporting tool and data collection
• Social media for advocacy and increasing visibility
• Data security
• Documentary/video production
• Document the history of your organization
• Can be used to show the work being done by the organization
• Used as a form of reporting or fundraising
• Used to achieve organizational developments and about the organization in media format
• Used as a promotional and reference tool
Why go Digital productions
• To stay abrace with technology
• Use the footage and images for your website and social media platforms
• To provide a lasting impression with member organizations and hence provide members with a token of appreciation that they can use as reference
• Digital formats are easier to use, more convenient, capture every moment and information especially for reference and review e.g. if it is a testimonial or a success story
• Digital formats capture all details and can be used or referred back to unlike notes
• With the advancement of technology detail formats are easier and more convenient to use e.g. to update pictures and video clips for your web site or blog, to use for a presentation or to report back as more and more people are using laptops and DVDs
• To better tell the story of who you are, what you do and what you have achieved
• This will ensure that the organisation has a visual record of its activities , workshops and programmes and members
• Film/Video documentation for future reference and library purposes , meaning systematically building a periodic film/video database of for e.g. fields visits, training workshops and the organisation periodic meetings
• Making short stories /short film documentaries/ testimonies of the various programs being undertook by the members or target group. For example success stories of people whose lives have be positively impacted by the organization’s programs
• Film/Video documented material which can be used as a complimentary component in project proposals used in the search of prospective or existing donors
• The Film/Video documented material can be used as a form feedback or periodic report
What we would like to do
• Training of your staff on video filming and photography
• Outsource all digital media requirement for your organisation
• Provide your will all digital media requirement or needs
• Setting up a photo library for the organisation
• Produce a historical documentary for your organisation
• Filming and documenting the top 10 best members organizations
• Filming and photography of all events
• Develop a T.V programme for the organisation
• Assist in developing a photo and video filling system and backup system
• Video profiling and archiving all activity success stories and best testimonies that have come out of the beneficiaries and individuals
What type of video are you producing ?
-Story Documentary
-Report Documentary
-Film Documentation of field visit
-Documentation of a special event
-Documentation of a Training Workshop
-Training workshop Video
-research and concept development
-demo, sample or promotional filming

How long do you need the finished video to be?
– less than 5min
– 5 – 15 min
– 16 – 30 min
– 31 – 60 min
– 2+ hours

What video services do you require

– Scripting and storyboarding
– Training
– Video translations to other languages or subtitles
– Consultancy
– Video production and filming
– Professional voice-overs, music and dubbing
– Editing
– Graphics production
– Duplication and packaging
– Encoding and web streaming
– Increasing your visual Website and social media content

What language(s) will your project be produced in?
– Shona
– English
– Ndebele
– All languages
– Other languages

What is your estimated budget for this video production project?
– less than $500
– $600 to $1500
– $2000 to $5000
– $6000+
– Not sure, please advise

When do you need the project completed?
• 1 – 2 weeks
• 2 – 4 weeks
• 1 – 2 months
• 3 – 4 months
• 4+ months

Production Team
1. Joseph Munda aged 34 Director, cinematographer (Lead Consultant)
2. Tanyaradzwa Hove, Aged 28, Video editor has worked with ZBC & Redcross
3. Foster Thole, Aged 30, Field camera and Studio Camera Operator, 8 years experience in documentary filming, Ref Lawrence Thodlana, Perfect Picture Media
4. Patson Julius 29 Cameraman Technical Operator ZBC Technical Director Talkshow(Mai Chisamba) Cameraman Timeless Photos (leah 0772909417)
5. Umari Stambuli, Aged 29, News Producer, Documentary producer and script writer, 8 years experience, Done Doccies for Council of Islamic Scholars, Muslim Aid UK, Ref, Umar Phiri, Communication Executive, ICRC Headquarters, Switzerland
6. Phineas Gutu Aged 28Journalist (Producer) at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZTV)
7. Lee Shoniwa Aged 27 Field camera and photographer
Please find below a sample documentary proposal:

Working title: “RuSED Video Documentation”

Duration of project: 3-4 Weeks depending on weather conditions and atmosphere require for footage

Deliverables: One 10– 15 minutes documentary, two 2minutes documentary trailers and five thematic videos 2 Minutes each)

Story format to be used: Interviews, testimonies, report and magazine

Use of footage/ packaging: Social media, Website, T.V, presentation, exhibition, advertising, promotion, reporting, evaluation, profiling and documenting

Brief on production
• The production team will do background research and documentary mapping
• The production team will come up with a logistics and field plan
• The production team will develop draft scripts and concepts to Practical Action Southern Africa based on their expectations
• The production team will also assist or recommend ways of effectively using the footage in line with Practical Action Southern Africa vision and aims of the project
• Upon agreement of the scripts and concepts the team will set out into the field
• On site production will be done where possible
• Practical Action Southern Africa will be given draft productions for review for every deliverable, the review will be done with the production team and their after a final product is produced

Work plan
Time frame Item
Week one Research, Planning and Script development
Week two Field and on site editing
Week three Field and on site editing
Week four Review and final editing

Item Requirements/Description Budget inUS$
Equipment Hire Camera gears , Cameras, lighting, reflects and Accessories
Other Hire Plane or helicopter / clearance charges
Production Studio time, editing, voice over, translations, script development, post production
Consultancy fee @ $ per person for the 7 team members for the entire project
Allowances Field and incidental allowances for Production team @ a flat rate as it will depend on logistic and number of people in the field
Total cost

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00 263 77945552200 263 779455522
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