Blayne Fox

Chicago, IL, United States
310 South Federal Street Chicago Illinois 60604 US

Chicago-born artist Blayne Fox has been drawing comics since 2009. Artists like Juanjo Guarnido, Tomer Hanuka and Becky Cloonan have been the biggest influences to her style, motivation, and artistic direction. This influence allowed her to pursue her career early on in the form of her first comic Dancing on Embers, set in Italy during one of the most diverse time periods in history, WWII, while incorporating LGBTQ+ issues. Digitally published in 2015 and released in a physical format the following November, the comic has reached international success. Between her day job and her comic, she also pursues the field of freelance Illustration, working for clients such as Discovery Channel and National Geographic through the design agency Baker & Hill.


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