The Roll Back Malaria SBCC Working Group (RBM SBCC WG) works to facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of the Global Strategic Framework for Malaria Communication at the Country Level. The purpose of this platform is to share experiences, resources, and best practices in order to improve the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of evidence-based social and behavior change communication activities.

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Reporting Guide for Malaria Communication Evaluation

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    During the SBCC WG Annual Meeting, I talked to several people about how to report your work in a way that highlights your successes and challenges and lets people build upon it. I wanted to share the RBM Checklist for Reporting on Malaria Communication Evaluations, which presents suggestions for reporting on SBCC programs.

    Also, while conducting our Malaria SBCC Evidence Package, we reviewed several documents and found that program documentation often lacked the details needed to analyze or replicate SBCC activities. With this in mind, we encourage you to include the following information in your program documentation:

    a. Use of theory,
    b. Audience segmentation
    c. Media mix and channels
    d. Strategic communication approaches
    e. Campaign & program monitoring
    f. Use of formative research
    g. Results of communication exposure

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