This group is for SBCC professionals in Egypt.

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    Egypt as one of the developing countries found the “P Process” tool for strategic health communication was of great value to health communication professionals when they need to design and implement a health communication campaigns and suitable for any scale. We need to create a capacity building tool to help SBCC community of practice in lunching…

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    Great to meet the wonderful students and staff of MSA University at the HC3 Learning Forum yesterday! Look forward to seeing many of on Springboard.
  • NGOs in Egypt are lacking a very crucial needs which are the (1) funding and financial sustainability, (2) the technical up-to-date SBCC approaches and techniques, (3) Leadership.

    The successful examples in Egypt are few NGOs such as Child Cancer Hospital 57357, Misr El-Khair, and Resalah are utilizing the same approach which is MASS MEDIA[Read more]

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    أهلا بالجميع

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    Do you need any help for the project heee in Egypt?

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    Health Communication is one main component of Disease preventive care in any country. Health Communication aims at changing the behaviors of individuals and communities towards healthy life styles and and proper practices that protect the communities from endemic, emerging or re-emerging diseases.

    Many registered NGOs in Egypt have a health…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone,

    Please share the information below with your local contacts. Many thanks!


    Local ICT Consultant/Firm Needed

    The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)/Egypt Project is seeking a local consultant or firm to design, develop, install and support the maintenance of web and phone-based tools. These tools/applications…[Read more]

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    The International SBCC Summit is now accepting proposals for the health communication case competition. Please share with all the wonderful students that you know.
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    • Hi,
      I just want to know, if you are going to attend the SBCC summit. It will be great to meet there

  • Egypt aims to reduce its surging fertility rate over the next 15 years, a government minister said Tuesday, in an effort to address overpopulation concerns in the Arab world’s most populous country.

    With around 90 million people — a population the United Nations projects to hit 103 million by 2030 — Egypt has struggled for decades to provide its…[Read more]