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A synergy creation of a platform, system and tools in SBCC strengthening by provision of support to activities in the region.

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  • Ebola shall always be a threat. It is a communicable disease which is also infectious. It came to West Africa from somewhere, but the problem is that, if it has struck there, it can struck here. Because it did not hit Ghana, we seems to have lost interest in it only waiting to start running.Communicable disease are envisaged properly when its…[Read more]

  • The waning started from the day it did not hit Ghana as it was feared or anticipated. I belong to a group of people who were trained for this episode. We waited for a long time but, Ebola never came. Ghana was becoming the center point of care for West Africa for emergency action. Once it is yet to come, we are all working as “fire servicemen”,…[Read more]

  • #8th ACSHR conference in South Africa : who’s attending?
    Florence Kouadio, coordinatrice du projet de prévention et de prise en charge des grossesses non désirées chez les jeunes et adolescent.e.s en Côte d’Ivoire présentera un abstract sur les connaissances et utilisation des méthodes contraceptives modernes des adolescent-e-s et jeunes scola…[Read more]

  • Sandisile Tshuma posted a new activity comment 1 day, 9 hours ago

    Congratulations, Carol. Having bean involved in the challenging quest towards provision of CSE in east and southern Africa for a number of years I am looking forward to hearing the findings of your study. I will be sure to attend your Comms Talk!

  • With young people continuing to bear the brunt of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa I am especially looking forward to the track on “What works” at the #SBCCSummit in Indonesia. We need to be relentless in our pursuit of effective and scalable approaches to provide HIV prevention, treatment and care services to our youth that are relevant and acceptable to them.

  • #SBCCSummit
    Mass media has been widely used as an agent for behavioral change! I’m looking forward to sharing my research on the changes in HIV testing among youth in sub-Saharan Africa as a result of mass media exposure!

  • The SBCC summit 2018 is around the corner in Indonesia . The opportunity for Africa to learn from global experts on youth programing may be the game changer for the continent . Youth programming is increasingly becoming dynamic and gives room for endless innovations. The youths , by nature are on the ‘move’ and planners, policy makers and all key…[Read more]

  • Social networking has become the dominant culture among the millennials. We as communication/Public health experts have failed to explore how to integrate this into our public health interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa. I have spent the last seven years carrying out researches on how social networking sites increases adolescents’ sexual health…[Read more]

  • #SBCCSummit

    Abstract accepted for 2018 SBCC SUMMIT !!

    “Audience centered communication strategies, the bridge to sustainable results”

    Centre for Communication Nigeria has carved out a unique niche of expertise in strategic SBCC on health and social issues in Nigeria and Africa.

    We were all challenged to develop abstracts, and I began to ask my…[Read more]

    #SBCCSummit Abstract accepted for 2018 SBCC SUMMIT !! “Audience centered communication strateg
  • A 37% reduction in malaria cases and 60% reduction in mortality due to malaria in the past 15 years have saved an estimated 6.2 million lives and increased the life expectancy among those in the World Health Organization (WHO) African Region by almost ten years. The global community has called for even greater progress among the remaining 3.2…[Read more]

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